Franklin Inn Mexican Restaurant

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Catering Menu

Ask your server for a drink menu with today's selections. Tequila • Infusions • Margaritas • Beer • Mexican Sodas & More!



Specialty Appetizers
• Char-Grilled Chorizo—Spicy Mexican sausage with our exclusive recipe. Served with char-grilled onions and flour tortillas. 7.95
• Cheese Cilantro—Cilantro breaded fried Monterey Jack cheese topped with tomatillo sauce and cilantro. Available most days. 6.95
• Empanadas of the Day—Hand-made appetizer-size empanadas. Available most days.
• Tamale of the Day—A fiesta food in Mexico. Masa dough and filling of the day hand-rolled and wrapped in a corn husk and steamed. Available most days.

Local Favorites
• Hot Wings—Full order (12) - 11.25 Half (6) - 6.95 (Allow at least 25 minutes)
• Nacho Grande—Corn tortillas with ground beef, onions, tomatoes, jalapenos, beans, and cheese. 10.95 Sour Cream, Salsa and Guac upon request for no additional charge.
• Homemade Soups and Chiles of the Day—Ask your server for today's selections.

Chips, Salsa & Dips
The first basket of chips with house salsa is complimentary with dine-in entrees. Chips are prepared and served after you order. Enjoy!

• Chips and Salsa—Our famous chips with your choice of our fresh salsas: mild, extra hot, or green tomatillo. 4.95 The first basket of chips with house salsa is complimentary with dine-in entrees. Chips are prepared and served after you order. Enjoy!

• Salsa of the Week: Add our specialty salsa featuring seasonal ingredients and unique chiles. 2.95
• Guacamole—Freshly prepared guacamole. 3.95
• Dipping Veggies—Looking for a healthy way to enjoy our salsa? Skip the chips. Opt for a side of carrots, celery and other seasonal veggies. 4.95
Chips & Salsa to Go—Enjoy at home or bring to the party. 6.95

• Chile Con Queso—A creamy blend of tomatoes, onions, peppers and melted cheese served with a basket of our chips. 6.95 Pepper Jack 7.95 With chorizo 8.75

• Black Bean Dip—Delicious blend of black beans with spicy chipotle pepper sauce & feta cheese, topped with a lemon sour cream sauce. A best seller! 6.95

ORDER DE LADO (ala cart)
• Guacamole (smaller serving) 1.95
• Sour Cream .75
• Green Chile 2.50
• Char-Grilled Jalapenos 1.50
• Rice of the Day 2.95
• Side Salad 3.50
• French Fries 2.75
• Pinto or Black Beans 2.75
• Black Bean & Corn Salad 2.75

Served with your choice of two sides: rice, pinto beans, side salad, fajita veggies, or black bean and corn salad.

Lobster Enchiladas— Two flour tortillas, lobster, roasted poblano & Spanish paprika pepperjack cream sauce. This popular special feature has made it to the menu. 16.95

Seafood Enchiladas—Two Flour tortillas, baby shrimp, crab, seafood, cheddar cheese dill sauce and pico de gallo. 13.95

Poblano Molé Enchiladas— Traditional Mexican sauce created with a variety of chiles, pumpkin seeds, peanuts and chocolate. Corn tortillas and shredded chicken or shredded beef. 13.95

Frisco Enchiladas—
A refreshing and tasty twist. Two corn tortillas filled with chicken, sour cream, corn, cilantro and fresh lime. 13.95

Colorado Green Chile Enchiladas—Our house-crafted Colorado Green Chile Sauce features poblanos and tomatillos. Corn tortillas with shredded chicken or shredded beef. 13.95

House Enchiladas—Two corn tortillas dipped in our house-created enchilada sauce, filled with cheese, onion and your choice of:
• ground beef 11.25 • shredded beef or pork 11.25 • shredded chicken 11.25 • cheese & onion 8.95

Served with your choice of two sides: rice, pinto beans, side salad, fajita veggies, or black bean and corn salad.

Chorizo Burrito—Our exclusive recipe chorizo Mexican sausage, cheese, onion, and pico de gallo rolled in a soft flour tortilla. 13.95

Pineapple Poblano Pork Burrito—Shredded pork and cheese in a flour tortilla. Charred pineapple poblano salsa. 13.95

House Burrito—A large flour tortilla stuffed with cheeses, pico de gallo, onions, and your choice of meat. • shredded chicken 11.95 • slow-cooked shredded pork or beef 11.95 • spiced ground beef 11.95 • Pinto bean or black bean & feta 8.95 • Vegetarian—portobello & seasonal veggies. 9.75

Served with choice of two sides (except grilled fish tacos): pinto beans, rice, side salad, fajita veggies, or black bean and corn salad.

Jalisco Tacos—Grilled chicken, roasted garlic crema, agave slaw, and queso fresco in grilled white corn tortillas with fresh lime. 14.95

Grilled Fish Tacos—Grilled fish over rice with agave slaw, pico de gallo, lettuce, lime, and flour tortillas to assemble as you like. 15.95

Tacos Americanos—Three crisp hard corn tortillas, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes and your choice of shredded chicken, shredded beef, or ground beef. 9.95

Street Tacos— Corn tortillas filled with your choice of one filling only: chorizo, pork or shredded beef. Topped with cilantro, onions, jalapenos, cabbage, house made tomatillo salsa and queso fresco. 13.95

Other Entree Favorites

Served with your choice of two sides: rice, pinto beans, side salad, fajita veggies, or black bean and corn salad.
Cheese, onions, and meat rolled in a flour tortilla and deep fried. Topped with green and red salsas, and sour cream. Served with two sides: rice pinto beans, fajita veggies, side salad or black bean and corn salad. Shredded chicken, beef, or pork, or spiced ground meat. 12.95

Build Your Own Fajitas— Sauteed onions, colorful bell peppers and meat of your choice served with flour tortillas, pico de gallo and sour cream. Guacamole, cheese, & lettuce upon request at no additional charge. • Chicken 14.95 • Steak 15.95 • Chorizo 14.95 • Salmon 16.95 • Spicy Shrimp 15.95 • Chicken & Steak 19.95 • Steak & Spicy Shrimp 20.95 • Chicken & Spicy Shrimp 19.95 • Portobello & Veggies 13.95

Chorizo Stuffed Portobello— Back for Fall as promised! Chorizo and cheese stuffed in fresh hand-marinated portobello mushrooms. Drizzled with chile mayonesa. Served over our rice of the day. 15.95

Mini CombinationsCan't decide? Create a dinner with "minis" (smaller versions) of few Mexican favorites:
Chose two or three of the following:
• Burrito: chicken, shredded beef, ground beef, pinto bean, or black bean & feta
• Enchilada: chicken, shredded beef, cheese & onions, seafood, poblano mole, or Colorado green chile
• Americano Taco: chicken, shredded beef, or ground beef (hard or soft shell)
• Chimichanga: chicken, ground meat, or shredded beef
Chose two sides: rice, pinto beans, side salad, fajita veggies, or black bean and corn salad
2 Combination 13.95 • 3 Combination 15.95

Quesadilla—Flour tortillas stuffed with cheeses and grilled. Large 7.95 /Small 5.95. Additional fillings/toppings:
• Veggies: tomatoes, green onion, chiles, jalapenos, or pico de gallo (.45 each)
• Special Sauces/Salsas: Green Salsa, Colorado Green Chile, or Poblano Mole (2 each)
• Shredded chicken or Ground beef: 4 lg/2 sm
• Steak: 5
• Chorizo: 4
• Seafood: 5 lg/3 sm
• Spicy shrimp: 5
• Gluten free "flour" shell substitution (large only): 3

Sandwiches, Salads & More

Skinny Mexican: Grilled chicken (10.95), salmon (13.95), or portabello (10.95) topped with pico de gallo, cheese, green onions and a dollop of sour cream on a small bed of lettuce with green & red salsa. Served with fajita veggies, beans or rice. Add Grilled Jalapenos 1.50

El Gordo: Char-Grilled Burger & Fries—1/2 pound burger featuring fresh local ground beef. Served with lettuce and tomato 9.95. Add
bacon 2.50. Add cheese .50

Southwest Wrap: A flour tortilla filled with char-grilled chicken, cheese, lettuce, pico de gallo, rice and Chipotle Ranch dressing. Served with fries or soup. 10.95

Jefe' Burger: Fresh local ground beef and our chorizo Mexican sausage are combined with the chef's spice blend to create a zesty burger you won't get anywhere else. Topped with pepper jack cheese, guac, pico de gallo, and homemade chile mayonesa. Served with fries. 12.95

Southwest Chicken Sandwich & Fries: Grilled chicken with lettuce, chile lime mayo, pepper jack cheese, pico de gallo and guac. 10.95 Plain grilled chicken available.

Black Bean Burger: House made black bean burger topped with feta cheese and served with lettuce, pico de gallo, chile mayonesa and fries or soup. 9.95

Taco Salad: A fiesta of lettuce, green onions, tomatoes, and cheese tossed with a special house dressing. Served in a crisp flour tortilla basket. Chicken, beef, or portobello. 10.95

Mexican Chopped Salad: Grilled chicken (12.95) or salmon (15.95), veggies, black beans, corn, and mixed greens sprinkled with feta and cilantro jalapeño vinaigrette.

Gardner's Salad: Grilled chicken (13.95) or salmon (15.95), mixed greens, roasted corn, tomatoes, queso fresco, avocado slices, roasted sunflower seeds, and cilantro jalapeño vinaigrette.

Save Room for Dessert

Peanut Butter Ice Cream Pie: This frozen dessert features a light peanut butter flavor on a chocolate Oreo cookie crust. Best peanut butter pie north of the border!

Caramel Flan: Egg custard drizzled with caramelized sugar.

Fried Ice Cream: Vanilla ice cream hand breaded, deep-fried, topped with chocolate syrup.

Sopaipillas: This one is great for sharing. A plate of warm cinnamon sugar coated crisp pastries served with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with honey.

Mexican Hot Fudge Sundae: A crisp deep-fried pastry basket, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and filled with vanilla ice cream. Topped with homemade Mexican Kaluha fudge sauce. Finished with whipped cream. Heavenly!