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About the Franklin Inn

Thank you for choosing the Franklin Inn Mexican Restaurant. The restaurant has been providing hospitality to local residents for over 39 years.

Henry and Sue Cibula purchased the Inn in 1978. In 1980 a family decision was made to specialize in Mexican food. Over the years the Cibulas have traveled to Mexico, learning from Mexican cooks and restaurants.

The Franklin Inn is currently owned and managed by John and Wendy Cibula (Henry and Sue Cibula's son and his wife) with a dedicated staff. They strive to create a warm and friendly atmosphere where customers can relax and enjoy themselves. John insists that only the freshest ingredients are used in the Inn's homemade soups, entrees, and desserts. The familiar faces of Franklin Inn patrons and longevity of the restaurant are proof positive of this commitment to quality food in a great setting!

What patrons are saying about the Inn:

"Love your salsa!"

"We've travelled all over California. This is the best Mexican we've had!"

"We love the restaurant and have told others about it."
"My favorite fun place to be!"
"Love your restaurant!"
"My favorite casual restaurant."
"Greatest Wings on earth."
"I have loved the Franklin Inn since I was 12 years old."
"Our favorite place to dine"
"I love your salsa!"
"Great food!"
"Love everything!!!"
"You have a great waitstaff."
"Love everything about the Franklin Inn"
"Awesome Food & Drink"
"Best kept secret in Pgh."
"Been going there since 1982, love it!"
"Awesome Margaritas!!"
"Terrific food all around."
"Incredible margaritas, fabulous food, fantastic ice cream."
"Great food and people"

Kitchen Hours

Monday -Thursday
4pm - 9:30pm

Friday & Saturday
4pm - 10pm

Sunday - Closed except
when Cinco De Mayo falls on a Sunday.

Closed on:

New Year's Day

Memorial Day

July 4th

Labor day

Christmas Eve


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Thank you for the memories and for sending the great stories.
Here are some of the stories sent to us:

Feel free to visit our blog and share your own favorite Franklin Inn Story. We'd love to hear it.

The Franklin Inn has become our newest favorite local restaurant! I don't think we ever ate there until we moved to the north hills. We had a blast celebrating John's 40 th birthday in December with 15 of our friends. What a nice casual and comfortable atmosphere with great food and affordable prices! - John & Martha Walton

We just moved to the North Hills in Feb 08. We have both lived in the city and have been to just about every restaurant in the area. We asked our realtor of any places we might have missed in the area, immediately we were told of the Franklin Inn. She touted they have great mexican food and THE BEST margaritas in the city. Our first trip we fell in love. The margaritas were amazing and the food was delicious. Over the next 2-3 weeks our friends came up to see the new house and to grab a bite to eat or drink. Every person that came, we decided to take to our Favorite new restaurant, The Franklin In n, for food and mason jar margaritas. I think we were there about 6-7 times in those first 2 weeks! Since then, it has been like a second home. It may be a short time frame, but we have a fond place in our heart for the Franklin Inn and I'm sure many more memories to come. - J and R.

We searched on-line for a Mexican Restaurant.....and found the Franklin Inn.....we arrived on a Saturday night around 9pm (it was our first visit, last weekend)
....the atmosphere was great!
.....the food was great!
Needless to say, we will be back! - Thanks. Steve & Patti Jockel

We purchased our home near the Inn on Aug 20, 1976. Having just made a long trip from Chicago we were very h ungry. I drove around looking for a place to get the family something to eat (I spotted the "Franklin Inn"). I stopped and ordered, for take out, Hamburgers & other food items I don't remember. We remember the food being really good & enjoying our first meal, in our new house, purchased from the "Franklin Inn". We have been regular patrons of the "Franklin Inn" ever since our very first day in Pittsburgh. It's so great having such a fine restaurant so close to home. I know this story goes back longer than 30 years but we hope you will consider it as a qualifying story. - Dennis & Marjorie O'Keefe

My husband, Karl, has been coming to the Inn since he was in his 20's. He is 53 now. He and his buddy, Tim, would visit the Inn on their way home from Community College back in the '80's. Karl tells me that at that time, the Inn was just really a bar and he doesn't remember the restaurant being as popular as it is now. The bar was always popular, he says. One thing that made the bar so popular (including 50 cent drafts!) were these great breaded mushrooms. I know you don't have them on the menu now, but Karl says they were the best and kept him and his buddies always coming for more. When Karl and I married in 2006 and moved into our home right around the corner from the Inn, he said that he had to introduce me to the best Mexican food in the city. As I was only used to Chi-Chi's, I told him I really didn't like Mexican food. He said you will like this food. He said it is great - fresh and always delicious! Well, he was right! There has NOT been one week (except when we have been on vacation) that we have not come to the Inn for dinner. Of course, Karl was right, the Inn's food was nothing like Chi-Chi's or anything I had been used to before. Thanks for providing such a great place that is close to home, the food is great and the wait staff (like Amanda and Quentin) are always so pleasant! What is so great is that when Quentin sees us coming through the door, he already has our drinks ordered and at the table before we take off our coats! Now that is one special place!!! Thanks again for many great meals and hours of enjoyment and relaxation! - Karl and Debby Mueller

One time I was surprised to see my step daughter at the Frankin Inn...she doesn't even live close by...but it was great to see her there with her Fiance. I'm always surprised when I see people I know at the Franklin, because it seems so out of the way for me. I also like the story of when they once brought a plate of chicken wings to our table. We both said, "That smells so good." Then the table of 3 women right next to us turned around and said together, "I know we were just saying the same thing!" So we offered them a chicken wing...and they took one! - David Bennett

Congratulations to the Franklin Inn! We (my husband, daughter and I) were just at the Inn tonight and saw your announcement. Have you really only been in business for thirty years? It seems like just yesterday that we discovered the Franklin Inn. (Well.... actually.... it about 28 years ago! In fact we enjoyed our discovery so much that 26 years ago-today(January 15)-we celebrated our wedding dinner at the Inn with friends! Over the years we have returned to the Inn reminiscent with fond memories. Tonight was our daughter's first visit to the Inn so of course we had to share our stories with her and now with you in celebration of the Inn's 30th anniversary. Congratulations and Best Wishes for many years to be!- Rod and Glenda Yount

We have been patrons of the Franklin Inn for many years. We like to come for any reason, but especially birthdays, anniversaries, promotions and other happy family events. Being the father (and resident funny-man; at least I think so) I am always on the look out for a joke or a prank. The first time I encountered the parrot hanging in the dining room I had had two large glass canning jars of traditional margaritas pretty much on my own (my wife the designated driver). I stood up after a glorious dinner of my usual combination dishes and whacked my head on the bottom of the parrot, which at that time was more centrally located in the dinning room. I made a comedic effort swooning and shaking my fist at the bird. The first time it happened the kids thought it was funny and laughed quite a bit. Over the years I've tried to replicate this attempt at physical humor, but of course as my kids got older, it was less funny and more embarrassment. The problem is, I still think its funny. However; is it a coincidence that Mr./Ms Parrot has been relocated to a far corner of the dinning room, so that silly buffoons like me cannot whack it like a pinata with our heads for cheap yucks? In any event we continue to love coming to the Franklin inn for the sumptuous, authentic Mexican food and thirst quenching drinks. We hope to do so for many years to come. Thank you for maintaining suc h a quality food and drink family establishment with knowledgeable and courteous wait staff and bartenders. Via Con Dios Mi Amigos - Peter May

Lois and I moved to the North Hills in 1983. I learned of the Franklin Inn in 1984. We have been loyal patrons ever since. We knew the first owner. And, of course, Dougie the waiter. We used to be at the Inn so often that Doug would “slip” us a free quesadilla or sangria once in a while. [Editor's note: All patrons of the Inn will get a free dinner on their b-day. Just join the Inn Crowd so we know when to send your gift certificate!] We took Doug out for a goodbye party his last day at the Inn. We befriended Dolly, who knows just how we like our sangria. And, Mary Kay is the best. I had my resignation party at the Inn. Needless to say, I ended the evening with the sombrero on my head. Thanks for such great memories!- Sheree Girty and Lois Zebrouvis

On the recommendation of a friend, I had lunch with a co-worker at the Franklin Inn. We loved it! When our boss (who takes us all (6) out to lunch fairly regularly) asked for suggestions for lunch we both said “The Franklin Inn”. Everyone loved it and when our boss picked up the check – he said “I really like this place.” Not only does the Franklin Inn have delicious food, the prices are great too. It has quickly become our company's favorite lunch spot. Thank you. - Kathleen Conlogue

My favorite memory of the Franklin Inn occurred on a snowy cold night in March of 2008. My husband invited four of our closest friends to join us for dinner to celebrate my birthday. As the evening progressed my husband presented me with a gift bag. As I opened up the bag I first took out two Margarita glasses, then I found sunglasses, a hat, sun tan lotion, a shovel and a bucket to dig in the sand. Finally, I opened a card to find a picture of a beautiful resort located in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. My husband had booked a trip to celebrate our 10 th wedding anniversary. Not only did the Franklin Inn contribute to the Mexican theme, but it is also my favorite restaurant. I will always remember this special evening at the Franklin Inn. - Lee Ann

I had my first date with Lori at the Franklin Inn on March 16, 2007. We have been together ever since. When asking her out for the first time, she expressed an interest in Mexican food. At that moment, we both mentioned the Franklin Inn simultaneously, and the date was set to meet at the Franklin Inn. The first date was very enjoyable, and the food was great as always. In addition, a late winter storm dumped about 4-5 inches of snow that day and evening on Pittsburgh. It made for perfect setting while enjoying my first date with Lori. - John Odzga

Probably my best Franklin Inn story is when Ziggy and I would move Lou's van in the parking lot daily, whichever one of us came in after Lou we would move the van, turn it around, move it from one side of the lot to th e other, etc. It was so funny to see the look on his face when he would go out to get in the van and would not know where to find it or how it got there. There was one day when he and Zig had been sitting there for quit a while and I moved the van, he went out and came back in and accused Zig of moving it and Zig had never moved off the stool. The last straw was one day when Zig and I were both there and neither of us could go out and move it and Mary Kay was just coming into work and I went to the men's room and asked her to move it and she moved it to the bottom of the lot, after that Lou did not leave his keys in the van any longer. I hope you enjoyed this one, I know that we all did as it was going on." - Timothy H. Kimbel