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Take Out Hours:
Monday thru Thur: 4pm to 8pm
Friday & Saturday: 3pm to 8pm

The Bar is now open for 4 people at a time. Read here for details.

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Special Features
Our food is scratch made. These items are available while supplies last.

No Chicken Fingers Today. Sorry kids. Try a Walking Taco.

Traditional House Margaritas -Our house margarita features Tequila Orendain 100% Blue Agave Tequila,Triple Sec, our margarita mix, and love. All you need to do is pour some over a full glass of ice and enjoy. It's strong so don't skip the full glass of ice. We are offering two sizes. A quart makes 8 Margaritas/2 Full Mason Jars ($44). A pint makes 2 Half Mason Jars/4 Margaritas ($22). Add a lime and salt for $1.  No more than 64 oz may be purchased. Must be 21 to order and transport so don't send your teen to pick up dinner. You are not permited to drink or tailgate on our property. You must keep your margarita to go containers sealed and in your trunk or separate from drivers or passengers

Fruit Flavored Margaritas - Mango, Strawberry, or Raspberry. Served in a pint. Makes four margaritas over ice. $24 per pint.

Tequila Infused Margaritas - We have a limited number of Jalapeno and jalapeno Mango today featuring Chris's chile infused tequila. $25 per pint.

Golden Margarita - We may make these today. Features Bribon Reposado. Waiting for the Patron Cintronge to come in and then we can make these. It has a higher alcohol content and more orange flavor thanTriple Sec I think. $25 per pint.

Ice Cream - Butter Pecan and Coconut Chocolate Chip

New Special Burrito: Slow roasted spicy roasted beef, cheese, pico de gallo rolled in a flour tortilla. Chef Nemorio's hand made banana pepper chile sauce. Roasted red potatoes and veggies.

San Marco Fish Tacos - Back again....Grilled flour tortillas, hand-breaded cod, our popular agave slaw, house made red pepper crema and your choice of two sided. 15.95

Salsa of the Day - Mango Chile De Arbol

$12 Growler - Bring your own growler and chose one of these while supplies last. Just tapped Bell's Oberon for our wheat beer fans. We also have Fat Head's Strange Magic.

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