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Today's Special Features

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Chilean Sea Bass Tacos
Sauteed Sea Bass. Flour tortillas. Scratch-made Pineapple
Salsa and Chile de Arbol crema. Served with two house sides.

• Soups: Chicken Noodle or Potato Pepper
• Salsa of the Week: Chipotle Agave
• Featured Dessert: Fried Churros with vanilla ice
cream. Choice of caramel, honey or chocolate drizzle.
John made Butterfinger Ice Cream.

Thank you for helping us celebate our birthday!
Franklin Inn's 40th Celebration

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We're Celebrating 40 years. Thank you to our patrons,
vendors and staff for all of these yummy years together.

Happy Hour
Monday - Friday: 4pm to 6pm
Half price appetizers * Discounted margaritas & drafts

Half price appetizers like our amazing Nachos Grande or Black Bean App. Discounted Margaritas: $4 off a full or $2 off a half Mason Jar. And, we have a few great half price drafts too. Happy Hour prices are good in both the dining room and bar. Our gang is ready to serve you. Bring a friend for some early munchies or cheer.

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