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franklin inn menu

Click here for a pdf version of our menu

Lunch Specials

These Specials are available Monday - Friday 11 am to 4 pm. Check out the rest of this menu for other delicious options.
Please note that grilled items may take several minutes longer.

Taco Salad — A lunch-size portion of our popular taco salad. Spiced ground beef or chicken with lettuce, green onions, tomatoes, and cheese. Tossed with our special taco dressing. Served in a crisp flour tortilla basket.

Fajita Wrap & Fries — Flour tortillas with peppers, onions and chicken or steak.

Cup of Soup & Side Salad

Mexican Mini Lunches : Perfect portion of your Mexican favorites. Choose one "mini" and two sides.

Pick One Mini: • Burrito: Chicken, Shredded Beef, Ground Beef, Pinto Bean, or Black Bean & Feta Cheese
• Enchilada: Chicken, Shredded Beef, Cheese & Onions, Poblano Mole, Colorado Green Chile, Seafood
• 2 Hard or 1 Soft Taco: Chicken, Shredded Beef, or Ground Beef
• Chimichanga: Chicken, Shredded Beef, Ground Beef

Pick Two Sides: • Pinto Beans • Rice • Black Bean & Corn Salad • Side Salad • Fries