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Salads, Sandwichs & More

Our Famous Taco Salad: A fiesta of lettuce, green onions, tomatoes, and cheese tossed with a special house
dressing. Served in a crisp flour tortilla basket. Chicken, beef, or portobello.

Gardner's Salad: Grilled chicken or salmon, mixed greens, roasted corn, tomatoes, queso fresco, avocado slices, roasted sunflower seeds, and cilantro jalapeño vinaigrette.

Mexican Chopped Salad: Grilled chicken, veggies, black beans, corn, and romaine sprinkled with feta and jalapeno vinaigrette.

El Gordo*: Char-Grilled Burger* & Fries—Premium 1/2 pound beef burger.

Jefe' Burger: Ground beef and our chorizo Mexican sausage are combined with the chef's spice blend to create a zesty burger you won't get anywhere else. Topped with pepper jack cheese, guac, pico de gallo, and homemade chile mayonesa. Served with fries.

Franklin Inn Fish Sandwich: Hand-breaded and deep-fried on a hoagie bun with fries or soup. Seasonal Available during Lent.

Southwest Wrap: A flour tortilla filled with char-grilled chicken, cheese, pico de gallo, rice and Chipotle Ranch dressing. Served with fries or soup.

Black Bean Burger: House made black bean burger topped with feta cheese and served with lettuce, pico de gallo, chile mayonesa and fries or soup.

Southwest Chicken Sandwich & Fries: Grilled chicken with shredded lettuce, chile lime mayo, pepper jack cheese, pico de gallo and guac. Plain grilled chicken sandwich available.

Skinny Mexican: Grilled chicken breast or a portabello mushroom topped with pico de gallo, cheese, green onions and a dollop of sour cream on a small bed of lettuce (this is not a salad) with green salsa. Served with beans or rice. This colorful meal will satisfy your appetite without hurting your waist-line

* Consuming raw or under cooked meats may increase your risk of food borne illness, especially if you have a medical condition.

Build Your Own Quesadilla: Flour tortillas stuffed with cheeses and grilled. Large or Small

• Green onion, chiles, jalapenos, tomatoes, or pico de gallo
• Chorizo (Our exclusive Mexican sausage)
• Bacon • Seafood • Fajita Shrimp
• Green Salsa, Colorado Green Chile, or Poblano Mole
• Gluten free "flour" shell substitution (large only)

Postres desserts

Save Room For...

Peanut Butter Ice Cream Pie: This frozen dessert features a light peanut butter flavor on a yummy chocolate Oreo cookie crust. Best peanut butter pie north of the border!

Caramel Flan: Egg custard drizzled with caramelized sugar.

Sopaipillas: This one is great for sharing. A plate of warm cinnamon sugar coated crisp pastries served with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with honey.

Homemade Ice Cream: Yes, it really is made here. Flavor varies with John's whims.

Mexican Hot Fudge Sudae: A crisp deep-fried pastry basket, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and filled with vanilla ice cream. Topped with our own homemade Mexican fudge sauce, which includes a combination of imported Mexican chocolate, butter, evaporated milk, and sugar. Finished with whipped cream. Heavenly!

Plus, other special seasonal desserts. Ask your server what else the kitchen has whipped up for you today.