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Mexican Platillos dinners

These entrees are made to order and served with choice of two sides:
Rice, Pinto Beans, Fajita Veggies, Side Salad or Black Bean & Corn Salad.

Chimichanga: Cheese, onions, and your choice of meat rolled in a flour tortilla and quickly deep fried. Topped with green and red salsas, and sour cream. Choose shredded chicken, shredded beef, ground beef or pork.

Tacos (Hard or Soft): Three crisp corn tortillas or two flour tortillas with cheese, lettuce and tomatoes and: shredded chicken, shredded beef, shredded pork, or ground beef. This is our mildest option. Ask for pico de gallo or hot sauce to spice it up.

Enchiladas: Two corn tortillas dipped in our own enchilada sauce, filled with cheese and: Ground beef, shredded beef, or chicken, cheese & onion

Burritos: A large flour tortilla stuffed with Colby and Monterrey Jack cheeses, pico de gallo, onions and:
• chicken, pork, shredded beef, or ground beef • pinto bean or black bean & feta • vegetarian—portobello, seasonal veggies & cheese.

Mexican Combinaciones

Create a dinner with "minis" of some favorites. Please note these are smaller versions of the items.

Choose two or three of the following:

• Burrito: chicken, shredded beef, ground beef,
pinto bean, or black bean & feta

• Enchilada: chicken, shredded beef, cheese & onions,
seafood, poblano mole, or colorado green chile

• Hard or Soft Taco: chicken, shredded beef, or ground beef

• Chimichanga: chicken, ground meat, or shredded beef

And, two sides: • Pinto Beans • Rice of the Day • Side Salad